a plate of Peruvian food

La Granja Fort Lauderdale: Serving the Best Family Style Peruvian to South Florida!

La Granja has 10 locations throughout the Fort  Lauderdale community to serve you. Visit: http://www.lagranjarestaurants.com/locations.php to find the nearest La Granja Fort  Lauderdale restaurant location.

La Granja’s efforts to expand  in the Fort Lauderdale community were put forthto meet the demandof our loyal  patrons who wanted more of La Granja’s finest Peruvian specialties. Customers  who frequent La Granja Fort Lauderdale restaurants know they are getting the  most value for their dollar when it comes to feeding their family a meal that  is good, wholesome, nutritious and tasty.   The added bonus of taking a break from cooking, and being able to find  this delicious fare served in several convenient locations? It doesn’t get much  better than that for busy Fort Lauderdale parents during the week!

These days, not many  restaurants are able to offer healthy and delicious food that is so reasonable  priced that families can afford to dine there on a weekly basis, but that’s  exactly what La Granja prides itself on. La Granja encourages families to share  meals together, just like typical Peruvian families do.  With so much variety on the menu, every  family member will find something to love. In an effort to reach every customer,  La Granja has 10 locations throughout the Fort Lauderdale area with friendly  staff ready to serve anyone with a craving for mouthwatering Peruvian cuisine!

With meal specials that start  under $5.00, Fort Lauderdale La Granja lovers can keep coming back for more. Kids  just love the tender and juicy rotisserie chicken, and nobody can resist the Jalea  – delicious fried mixed seafood! For those craving some Surf & Turf, the  flavorful sautéed beef with shrimp hits the spot every time.

Dine in or take out, but  don’t forget to add some tasty home cooked sides to your meal – some yummy  yucca, black beans and rice, crispy French fries or fried bananas. Customize  your meal to make it your own and get a taste of all of your favorite items.  Finally, don’t forget the dessert! Try La Granja’s Tres leches cake, Rice  Pudding, Flan, ice cream, and more!

La Granja Fort Lauderdale  looks forward to serving you when you stop by for a meal with the family.  La Granja understands that it is difficult  for busy families to find quality time to spend together. In Peru, much of the  family bonding occurs over meals shared together. Peruvian cuisine has always  been a staple of the Peruvian culture and has always brought families closer  together. Why not bring your family to a La Granja restaurant in Fort  Lauderdale, and share a delicious Peruvian meal with your family today?

Visit: http://www.lagranjarestaurants.com/index.php, to check out La Granja’s locations, the  menu, meal specials, and more! Feel free to call ahead for pick up and try our  family style take out meals that feature chicken, steak, and pork, and include  sides and drinks for the whole family to enjoy, at the most reasonable prices.  La Granja’s staff looks forward to serving you at a Fort Lauderdale La Granja!