a plate of Peruvian food

La Granja Restaurants: 3 Locations to Serve You in Pembroke Pines!

La Granja Restaurants offers affordable family style  Peruvian Cuisine that gives south Floridians a taste of home.

La Granja Restaurants  celebrates their loyal following of patrons in the Pembroke Pinescommunity with  3 locations to serve them!La Granja’s friendly and efficient staff takes  pleasure in serving up the fresh, home cooked flavors of Peru to families all  over Broward County, as well as in Miami Dade.

Pembroke Pines hosts a  melting pot of people from all over the world, just as Peruvian cuisine is a harmonious  blend of many cultural influences. That is what makes La Granja Restaurants the  popular favorite  – La Granja providesa  deliciously wide variety of menu items that gives everyone the familiar taste  of home – no matter where they are from. 

Influenced in the beginning  by the indigenous Inca, Peruvian food was also cultivated by immigrants that  came to Peru from all over the world, bringing with them their own culinary  specialties. These offerings included Japanese delights, as well asItalian,  German, Chinese, African, and Spanish cuisines – all whocame shared their own nativetastes  with Peru when they arrived.

The many influences of  Peruvian food can be seen in the exotic and flavorful dishes, and La Granja  Pembroke Pines serves up many classic family favorites: 

  • The #1 family favorite:  La Granja’s Pollo a la Brasa! Seasoned  perfectly with special Peruvian spices, this mouthwatering rotisserie chicken  is cooked just right – a delicious, tender and juicy inside, covered by a  crispy and flavorful outside! 
  • The beef lover favorite: Lomo  Saltado, another La Granja specialty. Drawing upon some Asian inspiration, this  tender beef stir-fry includes potatoes, as well as seasonings of soy sauce and  yellow aji peppers. 
  • Ceviche. The freshest local  seafood marinated and cooked in citrus juices until tender, and robust in  refreshing flavor. 
  • The kids love the Chicharron  de Calamar – La Granja’s tasty and carefully prepared fried calamari. 
  • Succulent Peruvian Grilled  Pork – This delightful dish comes with two sides so you can choose between  black beans and rice, a house salad, tostones, fried bananas, Yuca, and more!

La Granja Pembroke Pines is  open to serve you and your family after a busy day. Bring the family to  affordably dine in one of our 3 Pembroke Pines locations, where the La Granja  Pembroke Pines staff will welcome you, and won’t keep you waiting, or order  some family sized take out meals – convenient, easy, healthy and delicious.  Give yourself a break from cooking, and still provide your family with fresh, whole  food nutrition that is delectable Peruvian food.

Voted Best Family Style  Peruvian Restaurant by Restaurant Review Magazine, La Granja strives to serve  the very best Peruvian food to its south Florida patrons. Pembroke Pines  residents can enjoy the convenience of 3 La Granja locations to choose from and  make Peruvian food at La Granja Pembroke Pines something the family can indulge  in every week!

Visit: http://www.lagranjarestaurants.com/locations.php to find the location nearest you. Also, check  out La Granja’s menu and feel free to call ahead for pick up! La Granja’s  website will also fill you in on the latest meal specials, making eating  healthy and nutritious as well as delicious even more affordable than before!  La Granja Pembroke Pines looks forward to seeing you!