a plate of Peruvian food

La Granja’s Peruvian Cuisine Delivers a Taste of Home to South Florida

La  Granja has been proud tobe South Florida’s favorite Peruvian restaurant for  over a decade! La Granja is known for it’s slow cooked, carefully prepared,  fresh Peruvian dishes that deliver an authentic medley of flavors. La Granja  also offers a variety of selections to choose from on the menu, which makes it  a true family pleaser for those with selective taste buds, and also reflects  the diversity of the cuisine.

Unique  seasonings and aromatic spices set Peruvian food apart from all others. With  balanced flavors that never overpower, Peruvian cuisine is a fusion of flavors shaped  by many cultural influences  - another  indicator of the wide variety Peruvian cuisine has to offer – literally  something for everyone to enjoy! 

La  Granja’s menu includes tasty recipes that have been hand crafted for  generations and is representative of 3 distinct regions of Peru with varying  climates – the coastal area, the Andean highlands, and the tropical jungle.  These treasured dishes also originate from different time periods throughout  history and many immigrant cultures. With dishes that include succulent  seafood, tender beef, delectable pork, and perfectly seasoned rotisserie  chicken, everyone will soon find their own unique favorite.

Cultural  contributors that helped cultivate this eclectic cuisine include those of  Spanish, Asian, Italian, French, African, Incan, and British descent. Peruvian  cuisine has gained international recognition as a true culinary all-star, and  yet it has always been celebrated as the core of Peruvian culture. Peruvian  food reflectsthe traditions of Peruvian people and is the biggest expression oftheir  identity – that’s why South Floridians flock to La Granja – to get a true taste  of home.

Peruvians  have always placed great value on the importance of family. Families sharing  meals together has always been a staple of the culture, and it is how Peruvian  families spend quality time together and bond. La Granja strives to keep that  practice alive, by offering a diverse menu that appeals to everyone, using only  the best quality ingredients, providing warm, friendly service, all at  affordable, budget friendly prices.

La  Granja understands that carving out family time can be difficult these days,  with most families having busy work and school schedules, extra curricular  activities and commitments. With over 38 convenient  locations, there is always a La Granja restaurant close by. La Granja invites  you to bring the family to dine in and be served by our friendly and efficient  staff, or take advantage of our family style take-out menu items, and take it  to go for a nice, quiet meal at home after a busy day.

With  affordable, nutritious, and flavorful home cooked meals, you can make a visit  to La Granja part of the weekly dinner rotation for your family – something  everyone at home will rave about – making you their hero! Visit: www.lagranjarestaurants.com for a list of family  friendly restaurant locations, to view the menu and see the specials offered  this week. La Granja’s welcoming staff looks forward to making your family meal  time a delicious and memorable one!