a plate of Peruvian food

Authentic Peruvian Food Takes Florida by Storm!

With 5 locations in the Palm Beach area to serve you,  a convenient home cooked meal is right around the corner. Find the La Granja  restaurant nearest you: http://www.lagranjarestaurants.com/locations.php

La Granja restaurants are  opening for business all over south and central Florida, with over 30 locations  to serve our loyal customers our most mouthwatering specialties. Recognizedas  the Best Family Style Peruvian Restaurant multiple times since 2003, La Granja  has remained dedicated growing and sharing our healthy and delicious meals and  traditions with our customers throughout the state.

With the freshest seafood,  select cuts of meat seasoned with flavorful, exotic Peruvian spices, and  poultry that is slow roasted until tender and juicy, it’s no surprise that La  Granja Restaurants has become such a south Florida favorite.  With a wide range of savory selections on the  menu, everyone in the family can dine on exactly what they are in the mood for,  and you can rest easy that it’s not going to cost a fortune.

West Palm Beach and Palm  Beach Gardens residents appreciate La Granja’s authentic Peruvian cuisine. With  additional convenient locations popping up all the time, La Granja is bringing  family time back to the dinner table.  La  Granja Palm Beach restaurants offer the perfect weeknight dinner solution  - whole food meal selections that areexceptionally  tasty and nutritious, with a wide range of choices for everyone, menu items  that are affordably priced, with a location conveniently located close by to  serve you. Palm Beach families make La Granja part of the weekly dinner line  up!

La Granja Restaurants keeps  Peruvian tradition alive by only using the freshest ingredients that are in  season, while honoring the various cultural influences that have helped shape  Peruvian cuisine. The wide range of dishes that host a variety of flavors on La  Granja’s menu are evidence of the inspiration brought to Peru by Asian,  African, Italian, German, French, and Latin cultures. A blend of flavors is  balanced harmoniously in every dish!

If it’s the Pollo a la Brasa  that you crave - La Granja’s mouthwatering rotisserie chicken that has a  perfectly seasoned, crispy skin on the outside, and the most tender, juicy,  fall off the bone meat on the inside – then stop by any La Granja West Palm  Beach or Palm Beach Gardens where it is made fresh all day!

Did someone say Ceviche?  Another La Granja favorite dish! Succulent fresh seafood marinated and cooked  in citrus juices making it tender, full of flavor as well as refreshing! Our  customers can’t get enough!

In the mood for a beef dish  that you will have you coming back again and again? The Lomo Saltado – a flavor  enriched, Asian inspired, beef stir fry seasoned with soy sauce, Peruvian  seasonings, yellow aji peppers, and beef and potatoes is a perfect blend of  Asian and Peruvian flavors that create a bold and delicious meal.

Come bring the family into a La Granja West Palm  Beach or Palm Beach Gardens restaurant this week, and find out what you have  been missing! La Granja’s friendly and professional staff is looking forward to  serving you and your family, and ensuring you have the very best Peruvian  dining experience. For families on the go, La Granja also offers family style  take out from each of our restaurants. We look forward to serving you what has  been hailed as the world’s finest cuisine! Visit today: http://www.lagranjarestaurants.com for a restaurant convenient location, or to  view our menu of Peruvian specialties.