a plate of Peruvian food

Visit a South Florida La Granja Restaurant and Learn Why Everyone is Raving About Peruvian Cuisine!

Visit: http://www.lagranjarestaurants.com and find a location nearest you today and explore the  flavors of the world’s oldest and tastiest dishes!

Peruvian food that has been prepared by  ancient civilizations is still enjoyed today throughout the world.  In South Florida, it is cooked by  those who take pride in its preparation and its heritage, and they want to  share it with you at La Granja restaurants. La Granja believes in quality food  at affordable prices, and their goal is to pass the savings along to families.   The menu  specialties offered at La Granja restaurants have become South Florida’s  favorites, and La Granja has been recognized for its homemade goodness in  Restaurant Review magazine. The wide variety on La Granja’s menu ensures that  there is something for everyone in the family to enjoy.   Here are some of the spectacular  delights that La Granja serves up regularly: 

  • You have a choice of several delicious seafood specialties.  Customer favorites include Chicharron de Calamar, which is a tasty  Peruvian fried calamari, Chupe de Mariscos, La Granja’s hearty seafood  gumbo, and La Granja’s specialty, Ceviche de Pescado, which is tender,  fresh seafood marinated and cooked in aromatic citrus juices, with just a hint  of spice and lime. 
  • Peruvian Beef specialties are also family favorites, and include  dishes like Fajitas, as well as Lomo Saltado, a savory, Chinese  influenced stir fry of beef and potatoes, seasoned with Peruvian spices and  yellow ‘aji’ peppers. 
  • La Granja’s legendary Pollo a la Brasa – this  luscious, rotisserie chicken that all of our patrons come from far and wide for  has helped put La Granja on the map – crispy on the outside, moist, juicy, and  tender on the inside, seasoned just right, the Peruvian flavors just explode in  your mouth. With its fall off the bone goodness, La Granja’s Pollo a la Brasa’s herbaceous flavor is unrivaled. Nothing comes  close! 
  • La Granja’s delicious side items enhance our flavorful main  dishes, such as tasty black beans and rice, yucca, or sweet  plantains cooked to perfection, caramelized on the outside to bring out its  natural sweetness.

La Granja Restaurants freshly prepares authentic Peruvian  food to serve Floridians healthy, whole food nutrition that is mouthwatering  good!

A delightful marriage of flavors that  originate from all over the world have created what many define as the world’s  finest cuisine. To fully understand the Peruvian culture and the pride of its  people, you must explore the flavors of their food!

La Granja’s courteous and friendly staff  invites you to come dine at one of La Granja’s many locations in South Florida,  from the menu that we proudly prepare by hand every day. La Granja delivers the  freshest ingredients to your family at the most reasonable prices. La Granja  believes that fresh, wholesome, and home cooked does not have to equal  expensive.  Feed your family a  healthy, homemade Peruvian meal today. Visit LaGranja online today to learn  about the specials offered, as well as to find a restaurant located nearest you  at: http://www.lagranjarestaurants.com. 

Too tired to dine in? La Granja offers all of your favorites  to go, family style! 

Not  only do some of LaGranja’s restaurant locations offer a drive through for  ultimate convenience, but they all have family style to go options for your  hungry family, when everyone is just too tired from the day’s events to dine  out. You can call ahead to place your order, and then take home delectable  Peruvian dishes fresh for the family. When you need a break from cooking, you  can still serve your family nutritious food from La Granja!