a plate of Peruvian food

La Granja Keeps Up With the Pace of Busy Floridians by Feeding Them Their Favorite Peruvian Dishes, Fast!

Peruvian  cuisine is South Florida’s favorite! Visit: http://www.LaGranjarestaurants.com to learn about daily specials, and restaurant locations  nearest you, and discover a new world of flavor!

Americans  are becoming more health conscious these days, and many are discovering the  health benefits that are offered in Peruvian cuisine.  La Granja restaurants provide a wide  variety of Peruvian dishes, so there is something for everyone to enjoy - even  for those with the most selective palettes.   Families appreciate La Granja for the delicious goodness of whole food  nutrition that they can feed to their children while staying within their  budget, and the convenience it offers makes juggling life in a fast paced, busy  society a little easier. 

La Granja restaurants serve traditional Peruvian specialties  that are inspired from regions all over the world.

The  coastal region of Peru, the Peruvian jungle, and Peru’s highlands each has  different climates that produce a wide variety of fresh ingredients that have  shaped Peruvian cuisine.Historically, Peruvians have prepared their recipes  using whatever fresh ingredients were in season, allowing this extraordinary  cuisine to change and grow and become increasingly diverse. That is the reason  for the amazing selection on the La Granja menu – there are so different many  Peruvian recipes that celebrate so many distinctive cultural influences.

Peruvian  food is prepared using whole food ingredients that are full of nutrients. None  of the ingredients are processed, and no preservatives are ever added. The wide  variety of Peruvian cuisine allows you to treat your family to a hearty,  healthy dinner quite frequently. La Granja Restaurants prepares ancient  Peruvian recipes with the family in mind, so that everyone can enjoy healthy  meals together.

From  refreshing ceviche, to tender and savory meats, and mouthwatering rotisserie  chicken, it’s easy to indulge in a meal at La Granja without the guilt, knowing  that you are eating a nutritious meal that is good for you and meeting your  children’s nutritional demands as well.

Come stop by a La Granja restaurant location today, treat  your family to a meal that is freshly prepared and delicious. 

Floridians  love La Granja restaurants, so La Granja keeps getting bigger! Our expansion  across the state of Florida is in direct response to the demand of our loyal  patrons. With now over 35 locations to choose from, you can easily find a La  Granja close by to serve you. Visit: http://www.LaGranjarestaurants.com to view La Granja  restaurant locations, and learn about our weekly specials that begin at under  $5.00! The friendly staff at La Granja looks forward to serving you and your  family – so make La Granja part of your weekly dinner rotation when you need a  night off from cooking. La Granja provides ease and convenience, and even meals  to go – family style! Dine in, or call ahead to pick up, either way, you will  get the same great service and the same slow cooked deliciousness that all of  South Florida is craving!