a plate of Peruvian food

LaGranja Restaurants Helps Busy Families Eat Healthy During the Busy Week.

LaGranja serves Florida residents with over 35 locations.  Bring your family in to dine at the best Latin style Peruvian family restaurant  tonight, and take a break from cooking! Visit: http://www.lagranjarestaurants.com.

La Granja has become the favorite go-to Latin style Peruvian  family restaurant for South Florida! Busy families often struggle to spend  quality time together and eat healthy on a regular basis - especially once the  school year begins. La Granja offers up very tasty, healthy Peruvian fare that  allows you to take a break from cooking during the busy week, and still spend  time with your family over a nutritious, savory meal that is reasonably priced.  Eating out doesn’t have to be expensive when you dine at a La Granja  restaurant. LaGranja uses only the highest quality, freshest ingredients to  carefully prepare its traditional Peruvian dishes for you and your family to  enjoy. LaGranja believes that your family should be able to enjoy food that is  healthy and delicious, as well as affordable, so that you can make good  nutrition part of your family’s weekly routine. With generous portions that  will satisfy like no other - you can’t beat the value you get for your family  at LaGranja restaurants! 

Peruvian Cuisine includes a wide variety of flavorful dishes  - and LaGranja offers them all on the menu!

Here are some of the mouthwatering delights that La Granja  is creating for you right now:

Pollo a la Brasa -  It’s the La Granja specialty that made us famous! A marinated whole chicken  that is seasoned to perfection  with ingredients that include Peruvian peppers, garlic, cumin, and soy sauce,  and then slow roasted to seal in the flavors. Crispy on the outside, moist and  tender on the inside - pair it with some tasty yucca, rice and beans, and you  have a meal fit for a king. Our loyal patrons just can’t get enough! 

Lomo Saltado - The  cornerstone of Asian fusion is found in this dish. Lomo Saltado is an example  of the multi cultural influences that help shape Peruvian cuisine. When Chinese  immigrants came to Peru looking for work, they brought with them their culinary  gifts to share with Peruvians. Lomo Saltado is a hearty hybrid stir-fry dish  that includes select cuts of beef, tomatoes, peppers, onions, and potatoes.  It’s usually served over rice, and you can pair it with any side items of your  choice. 

Ceviche - This is a staple of  Peruvian fare. The freshest selections of fish are cooked until tender in the  citrus juice marinade it is prepared in. The result is a delicate, refreshing  flavor - unique to any other way you have ever tried seafood before. Once  you’ve tried it, you will be hooked!

Fajitas - Not just your average  Fajitas. This is a specialty Peruvian dish - beef, shrimp, or chicken seasoned  perfectly with Peruvian spices, and grilled until the flavors are sealed in the  juices. Served with rice, beans, guacamole, and all of the fixings, you will  never want Fajitas served to you any other way! 

Grilled Pork - Tender  and succulent, and served with two of your favorite sides. Our pork platters  are generous portions of deliciousness. Served to you by the pound or half  pound - you will still have plenty left over! 

Discover La Granja restaurants - and discover Peruvian  cuisine that will enrich your life and enhance mealtime for your family.

Quality family time has long been a  significant part of the Peruvian culture. Family time has always been centered  around food, and sharing a meal together as a family. Now you can share quality  time with your family during a nutritious and tasty meal - any day of the week!  Visit La Granja online to view our menu, specials, and to learn which of our  many restaurants throughout South Florida is located conveniently near you: http://www.lagranjarestaurants.com.  The staff at La Granja looks forward to  serving you!