a plate of Peruvian food

Loyal La Granja Patrons Love the Generous Portions of Authentic Peruvian They Receive at La Granja for an Affordable Price!

La Granja serves up delicious Peruvian fare that is of the  highest quality, with prices that can’t be beat! Come discover the heart and  soul of Peruvian culture all over South Florida. Visit: http://www.lagranjarestaurants.com.

Eating  out can be costly, and most American families can’t afford to dine out together  on a regular basis without putting a major dent in the budget. It’s no secret  that food served in most restaurants tends to be fattening, high in  preservatives and sodium, and not accommodating to the dietary needs of growing  children. How to make sure the kids are eating nutritious, healthy meals, while  getting a break from cooking once in awhile? Choose a cuisine that is rich in  variety, so that everyone can find something to enjoy.  Next, find a restaurant offering meals  that are cooked with only high quality, whole food ingredients, and prepared fresh to order.  Sound too good to be true? You can  get all of those things, conveniently, at any La Granja restaurant!

With over 35 locations in South Florida, Floridians flock to  La Granja restaurants for the best Peruvian offered at the best prices.

La Granja takes pride in serving  authentic, slow cooked, savory Peruvian dishes, made from only the finest  ingredients, using traditional recipes that have been around for hundreds of  years, for your family to enjoy. Conveniently located throughout Dade, Broward,  and Palm Beach counties, you can bring the whole family so all can savor the  delicious Peruvian flavors at a La Granja restaurant, or you take it to go –  with many family style take out options available! Either way, La Granja’s  tasty Peruvian fare is the perfect choice for a memorable family mealtime, to  be shared with those who are important to you!

A wide variety of specialties are  available on La Granja’s menu, with dishes that include choice cuts of beef,  chicken, and pork, as well as fresh, succulent seafood. A few La Granja  specialties that can be enjoyed any day of the week: 

  • Sautéed Beef with Noodles, Fajitas, or Grilled Steak with Onions. Enjoy with rice,       beans, plantains and guacamole.
  • Crispy and juicy Rotisserie Chicken, seasoned to perfection with Peruvian spices, moist and tender Grilled Chicken Breast, or scrumptious Chicken Fried Rice. Pair       these delicious entrees with rice and beans, tasty yucca, or a house salad.

  • Light and citrusy, refreshing Ceviche, Fried Calamari, or Seafood Gumbo, add a side of flavorful grilled shrimp or scallops, and enjoy with French fries or tostones. 

With meals that start for under $5.00,  the value you get at La Granja is tremendous - and so are the portions! With so  much to choose from,  you are about to savor one of the finest  cuisines in the world. You will want to add a “Peruvian Night” in the weekly  dinner rotation at your house, and your children will demand more La Granja!  Keep it fresh, healthy, and tasty with authentic Peruvian food made with pride  at La Granja restaurants.

Forget the rest - if you want exceptional quality and true  Peruvian, make it a La Granja night!

La  Granja serves a delectable Peruvian dish for every appetite and craving,  freshly preparing dishes from the finest ingredients. Families enjoy meals  together at La Granja, and parents are at ease knowing that their children are  eating healthy food at a budget friendly price. Come dine  at any one of La Granja’s locations in South Florida, with locations in central  Florida as well!  Visit online to  find a location nearest you at: http://www.lagranjarestaurants.com.  Our friendly staff will welcome you  and is looking forward to serving you and your family dinner tonight!