a plate of Peruvian food

South FloridaÂ’s Favorite Family Style Peruvian Restaurant, La Granja Restaurants, Is a Proud Support

 La Granja Restaurants is partners with  grass roots youth organizations like ASPIRA, and also sponsors youth athletic  events like the USA Open SKIF 2014 Karate National Championship that recently took  place at the YMCA Lauderhill in October. Not only does La Granja serve up the  most delicious and authentic Peruvian cuisine, La Granja is committed to  helping student athletes develop their abilities and aim higher. Visit: http://www.lagranjarestaurants.com.

La Granja  Restaurants is proud of all of the young, committed athletes in the greater  Fort Lauderdale community who skillfully participated in the USA Open SKIF 2014  Karate National Championship this past weekend, at the YMCA Lauderhill. Giving  the youth of our community a chance to excel in athletics, and be recognized  locally for their hard work in a open forum is part of the encouragement La  Granja wants to provide to the growing generation in South Florida today.

La Granja  Restaurants’ loyal patrons know how important families are to La Granja  Restaurants. In Peruvian culture, one’s family is put before anything else.  Families value time spent together, and build their bond through the support  and guidance they give one another. La Granja Restaurants celebrates the family  by providing a vast menu of delicious Peruvian cuisine in a broad range  of specialties, so that everyone in the family can enjoy their own favorite  Peruvian dish. La Granja’s  specialties consist of only healthy, nutritious, slow cooked, whole food  ingredients that you can feel good about serving to your growing children. We  make all of our Peruvian specialties affordable so that you can bring  the whole family in and share a meal together that’s not only mouthwatering  goodness, but also reasonably priced!

La Granja  Restaurants: Being active and eating healthy should start young.

Exposing our  children to sports, where they can become physically fit, learn discipline and  social skills, is just as important as making sure they put the right food in  their bodies. While La Granja cooks nutritious and healthy Peruvian  specialties for our patrons and their children, La Granja Restaurants also  enjoys giving back to the community by sponsoring athletic events just like the  2014 Karate National Competition, and events that go toward nurturing the  cultural, intellectual and leadership skills in today’s youth in South Florida.

La Granja  Restaurants will continue to serve your family the delectable Peruvian  cuisine we cook fresh in over 35 locations throughout South Florida, and  contribute to South Florida’s youth athletes and emerging leaders. Check out La Granja Restaurants online at: http://www.lagranjarestaurants.com, and learn more about the  weekly specials offered, and for nearby locations. Bring the family in for a  meal so that our friendly staff gets the pleasure of serving you, or if you are  short on time, order some family style specialties to go!

Peruvian  cuisine in South Florida like no other? It’s at La Granja restaurants!

With  fresh, carefully prepared, whole food ingredients that are seasoned to Peruvian  perfection with the most delicious Peruvian herbs, spices, and Aji peppers, La  Granja just can’t be beat - the competition doesn\'t even come close, ask  around! Nobody serves more tasty and succulent, citrus marinated Ceviche, or  crispy and tender, melt in your mouth Pollo a la Brasa - La Granja’s specialty  rotisserie chicken. Come in to enjoy some tender grilled steak with sautéed  onions, while the children savor the shrimp and scallops!

Visit: http://www.lagranjarestaurants.com to find which  of La Granja’s 35 locations is closest to you. Discover why La Granja  Restaurants was voted Best Family Style Peruvian Restaurant in South Florida!