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La Granja RestaurantsÂ’ Delectably Seasoned Peruvian Rotisserie Chicken Has Become a Favorite Dinner Staple in South Florida Households!

LaGranja’s rotisserie is deliciously roasted and seasoned to perfection. American families in South Florida look forward to La Granja’s Rotisserie Chicken for dinner – the flavor can’t be beat! Visit:

La Granja Restaurants prepares mouthwatering Peruvian rotisserie chicken for busy American families across South Florida. With over 35 locations, Floridians can indulge in their favorite Peruvian cuisine whenever they wish, at lunchtime, or for dinner with the family!

Managing busy schedules does not mean that your family must sacrifice eating well. La Granja’s delectable Pollo a la Brasa – a crispy on the outside, moist and tender on the inside, scrumptious Peruvian rotisserie chicken is slow roasted, using only the freshest herbs and Peruvian spices that make it so distinctively delicious. Using only the highest quality chicken, and locally harvested, fresh ingredients, La Granja offers delicious specials that provide the most generous portions of savory rotisserie chicken accompanied by your choice of sides for an unbelievable low price! La Granja wants American families who enjoy the bold flavors of Peruvian dishes to be able to share in a nutritious and tasty Peruvian meal together, for a reasonable price. Our flavorful Peruvian rotisserie chicken is just as delicious when you take it to go in our family sized portions to be enjoyed at home as well!

American families want a high quality, family-friendly dining establishment that offers nutritious and affordable dishes that everyone in their family can enjoy, and they found it - at La Granja!>

For several generations, Peruvians have celebrated their culture through keeping ancient family recipes alive. These generations-old recipes evolved over time with inspiration from several parts of the world. The long multicultural history of influence that has shaped Peruvian cuisine is where the wide variety in Peruvian food comes from. Peruvian food has been cultivated from the influences of many other cuisines - Spanish, Chinese, German, Japanese, Italian, African, and even the indigenous Incan civilization!  Peruvian food is a true culinary offering that always includes fresh, local ingredients, with no part of it ever processed or frozen - only whole food dishes that are made fresh to order - that’s authentic Peruvian cuisine!

La Granja Restaurants - This delicious Peruvian food is as American as it gets!

These days, it’s easy for busy South Floridian families to enjoy La Granja’s slow roasted, seasoned to perfection, rotisserie chicken. Discover traditional Peruvian rotisserie that delivers tender and juicy falling off the bone goodness on the inside that is wrapped up in crispy flavor, and will keep you salivating even after its gone! Come for lunch, and get a 1/4 chicken meal special that includes a generous portion of rice and beans and a drink, for under $5.00! Visit: http://www.lagranjarestaurants.com to view our menu of genuine Peruvian specialties and check out La Granja’s meal specials and convenient locations throughout South Florida! Our specialties also include delicate cuts of fresh seafood, succulent pork, and tender and delectable beef. The friendly and efficient La Granja staff is waiting to serve you and your family tasty Peruvian cuisine!