a plate with Peruvian food
two yellow peppers

La Granja Restaurant was established in 1993. Our first location was opened in the beautiful island of Aruba; where the food had a great acceptance. The rotisserie chicken and some peruvian plates became part of the arubian daily meal.


After, the great experience in Aruba, we decided to introduce our concept to South Florida. La Granja Restaurant had to compete with popular chains of restaurants. We had to work hard to position our name and to introduce our food and service to a new market.


La Granja Margate was opened in 1995 and since then we haven’t stopped. We have locations from Miami to Orlando. Our name has become very popular and our service and food a success. In 2007 we began to offer our franchises. The first franchise was opened in Kendall. Now we have 9 franchises in different areas of South Florida.


A long the way, we have received awards and recognitions. The Restaurant Review Magazine recognized us as "The Best Peruvian Restaurant of the Year" on 2003, "The Best Family Style Peruvian Restaurant" on 2004 and "Best Peruvian Cuisine of Fort Lauderdale 2007".


Various well-know newspapers and magazines have written articles about our success and the excellent food that we offer. We have participated in television shows and food festivals in the community. The acceptance has been incredible.


La Granja restaurant is a family, characterized for a great teamwork, great customer service, positive attitude and hard work. We are very proud of our employees, our job and our achievements. We have been in business for more than twenty years, giving our customers the service and the food they deserve.