a plate of Peruvian food

La Granja East Oakland Restaurant Offers the Best in Peruvian Home Cooking to Oakland Park Residents

La Granja East Oakland offers  a wide variety of Peruvian dishes to satisfy the diverse community of Oakland  Park! Located conveniently on 455 E. Oakland Park Blvd, La Granja invites  families to come and enjoy the slow cooked, savory specialties that are  affordable and nutritious any day of the week. La Granja’s menu offers quite a  large selection of dishes due to the many worldwide influences that have helped  shape Peruvian cuisine.

Peruvian cuisine has evolved  from local and immigrant practices and traditions.  Once prepared by ancient civilizations, the  incredible blend of flavors in each dish originates from European, African, and  Asian influences. Peruvian cuisine has been recognized as one of the best in  the world, having notably drawn inspiration from several cultures. These many  sources of inspiration allow for a diverse selection of dishes that present a  true fusion of flavors from around the world. Perfect for families with  selective eaters!

A few favorites from the La  Granja East Oakland menu you can enjoy:

  • Chupe de Mariscos – La Granja’s hearty and flavorful seafood  gumbo. 
  • Chicharron de Calamar - La Granja’s crispy fried calamari – a family  favorite! 
  • A lighter, succulent seafood fare  – La Granja’s delicious Ceviche –  seafood marinated and cooked in citrus juices. It’s very tender, and the flavor  will amaze your taste buds. 
  • Pollo A la Brasa - It made La Granja famous! The most  delectable, perfectly seasoned rotisserie style chicken that is falling off the  bone with flavor, held together by a crispy outside, overflowing with tender  juiciness on the inside! 
  • Chaufa de Pollo - La Granja’s tasty chicken fried rice is a crave  worthy Asian inspired specialty. 
  • Fajitas! Beef and vegetables sautéed with special  Peruvian spices served with all the accompaniments as well as a mouthwatering  aroma!  
  • Sautéed Beef with Noodles –For beef lovers, this is another delightful customer  favorite. 
  • Grilled Beef with Shrimp and Scallops – La Granja serves up some delicious Peruvian  Surf and Turf for those with a desire for both meat and seafood.

One of the best parts about  dining at La Granja East Oakland is the reasonably priced menu. La Granja  Restaurants believes that families should share meals together, just as they do  in traditional Peruvian culture. In today’s busy world, there are days where  the only time you can find to share with family members is during a mealtime.  La Granja believes that mealtimes should be memorable, nutritious, and enjoyed  by all. La Granja also understands that in order for families to enjoy meals  together at a La Granja restaurant, it also needs to be affordable. Delicious,  whole food nutrition at affordable prices - that is the experience La Granja  strives to give its patrons at La Granja East Oakland every time they dine with  us.

Visit La Granja Restaurants  online at www.lagranjarestaurants.com and catch the latest meal specials that begin  at under $5.00! La Granja’s quality ingredients, generous portions, and prices  cannot be beat. La Granja also has special offers for family style take out dinners  that you can conveniently pick up and enjoy at home.

La Granja East Oakland’s  friendly staff is waiting to welcome you like family and serve you the best  Peruvian food South Florida has to offer! Come enjoy a healthy meal with the  family at La Granja East Oakland tonight.