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La Granja East Oakland Takes the Chaos Out of Your Week With a Healthy, Authentic Peruvian Meal For

Enjoy  authentic Peruvian dishes La Granja’s East Oakland Park location at: 455  E. Oakland Blvd., or visit La Granja online at: http://www.LaGranjarestaurants.com for  other convenient restaurant locations.

Oakland  Park residents know what their families want for dinner, they want La Granja’s  home made Peruvian cuisine! La Granja has over 35 locations to provide  convenience to its patrons throughout South and Central Florida. La Granja also  offers your family options and affordability - with many diverse menu items to  choose from, La Granja knows how to make everyone happy. At La Granja East  Oakland, you also have the option to dine in and enjoy our staff’s warm  welcome and efficient service, take out delicious family style portions to go,  or receive quick and friendly service at the drive through, for those who are  on the go.

The La Granja East Oakland location in Oakland Park serves  fresh and healthy, carefully prepared dishes from ancient Peruvian recipes that  are still staples on Peruvian tables today.

A  cuisine influenced by many cultures, Peruvian specialties share one common  trait: only the freshest ingredients available for harvesting are used to  create the Peruvian dishes everyone loves. La  Granja restaurants are Florida’s favorite because our Peruvian specialties  are nutritious, freshly made, tasty, and are all available at for an affordable  price, so that your whole family can indulge in savory Peruvian goodness often!  Some of the delightful dishes your family can enjoy at La Granja East  Oakland are: 

  • Chicken platters that include La Granja’s ever popular and  very tasty Pollo A la Brasa, a crispy, delectably seasoned rotisserie  chicken that seals in flavors of Peruvian spices. Or, you can indulge in La Granja’s moist and tender Grilled Chicken Breast,  or La Granja’s flavorful Chicken Fried  Rice. Pair these delicious entrees with rice and beans, tasty yucca, a  house salad, or tostones! 
  • Succulent seafood, such as light and citrusy, refreshing Ceviche, crispy Fried Calamari, or Seafood  Gumbo. Add a side of flavorful grilled shrimp or scallops, and enjoy with  French fries.
  • Tender and savory beef in dishes like Fajitas, as  well as Lomo Saltado, which is a delicious Chinese influenced stir fry  of beef and potatoes, seasoned with Peruvian spices and yellow ‘jai’ peppers.
  • Generous portions of tasty grilled pork, order a 1/2  pound, or a full pound, and pair with your two favorite sides! 

La Granja: We serve traditional, Peruvian, whole food meals  that are good for you and your family, full of flavor, for a reasonable price.  Visit: http://www.lagranjarestaurants.com/menu.php and check out the very best offered in Peruvian cuisine!

La Granja  East Oakland is one of over 35 locations looking forward to  serving you in South and Central Florida. La Granja appreciates its customers’  loyalty and participation in helping La  Granja restaurants achieve growth and longevity. Visit: http://www.lagranjarestaurants.com/index.php and view this week’s meal  specials, menu, and map of locations. Come in and enjoy Peruvian food like you  have never tasted before! The staff at La Granja East Oakland looks  forward to serving you!