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La Granja’s Authentic Peruvian Food Receives Top Accolades at Miami’s Famed Taste of Peru Event. This Growing Peruvian Chain is Hot, Hot, Hot!

La Granja restaurants, known for its fresh and tasty Peruvian food, gains industry recognition, and local food enthusiasts at Miami’s tastiest event are impressed.
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When searching for the ultimate Peruvian food experience, Miami certainly delivers. The popular “Taste of Peru” event held in November 2014 took over the Miami Airport Convention Center with the sights, sounds, and tastes of authentic Peru. The Peruvian American Chamber of Commerce presents this popular event each year, and it is the perfect venue for local Peruvian chefs to showcase their vast talents to a large crowd of Peruvian food enthusiasts. With over 100 vendors at this event, there was one that stood above the rest. La Granja Restaurants, Florida’s fastest growing Peruvian food chain, came out on top and impressed event goers with their fresh, authentic Peruvian cuisine. The honors kept coming as Claudia Bartra, General Manager of La Granja Restaurants, was named “Peruvian Entrepreneur of the Year” by Taste of Peru. This event highlights the Peruvian food experience, culture, and those who strive to make a difference in the Peruvian community.

Peruvian Food: La Granja Becomes The Fastest Growing Peruvian Food Restaurant Chain in South Florida. Is There Such a Thing as a Recipe For Success?

With more than 40 locations in Florida, La Granja is the picture of success. This begs to question how this once quaint little restaurant, originating in Aruba, has grown at such a monumental rate in the States. What’s their secret? Maybe it was no secret at all. With fresh, family style, whole food recipes prepared daily, along with a healthy and flavorful menu of Peruvian food favorites, like Pollo A La Brasa, La Granja delivered exactly what South Floridians were looking for. Far from the realm of fast food, La Granja offers families a place to visit and enjoy a home cooked Peruvian meal that is also affordable. South Florida families in every community welcomed this simple, yet effective concept warmly. What La Granja has brought to the table is a true recipe for success - a love of Peruvian food, and a commitment to Peruvian culture and community.

Peruvian Food: More Than Just a Dish. At La Granja, Folks Come For The Food, and Stay For The Experience.

All La Granja restaurants offer a healthy dose of Peruvian culture along with their award winning Peruvian food. Each location beams with Peruvian charm, is warm and inviting, inviting those that cross their threshold to come in and stay awhile. With its reputation for hospitality, and phenomenal, family style Peruvian food specialties, families from all over are enjoying their time together at La Granja’s table. Unlike traditional fast food restaurants, La Granja has been offering authentic Peruvian food at an affordable price for years. Their menu offers many nutritious and delectable options, including family style platters of chicken, beef, pork, and seafood. In addition, La Granja offers mix and match authentic side dishes to accompany any meal that are sure to please. For those looking to maximize their weekly budgets, La Granja lunch specials start at under $5.00 for a large portion of rice, beans, and Pollo A La Brasa. La Granja is truly one of a kind, and the gem of South Florida!

For more information on locations nearest to you, please visit La Granja’s website: http://www.lagranjarestaurants.com/locations.php